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LarryXerox7556 New Member
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Replacing HD with SSD on WC 7556

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There is still a little hissss noise when my WC goes in sleep mode. I think it comes from the HD ? Or maybe some always on  fan ?


Is it possible to replace the hard drive with a SSD on the WorkCentre 7556 ?


If so what is the process to setup/format the SSD properly ? 


My objective is complete silence when the copier is sleeping just as my previous 7335.







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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Replacing HD with SSD on WC 7556

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The HDD is much quieter than the fans for cooling the whole unit. Are you sure the HDD is the source of the sounds?


That said, due to how the printer will partition the drive, it should be the same size capacity as whatever is in there now. Once installed, the device would need to be Altbooted from a USB drive to load the firmware to it. That is not something I am allowed to disclose how to do here, but the directions can be found if you look to Google I'm sure.


Lastly, I have never even heard of an SSD being put into a Xerox device, so if it works, please report back on boot speed and UI response ;-)

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Agency Analyst MikeAXEY2C-AA
Agency Analyst

Re: Replacing HD with SSD on WC 7556

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SSD does work, boots in half the time but the walk up UI doesnt seem to move any faster.