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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Security Code for Access

Go to the Properties tab from the devices web interface


After clicking Properties on the previous screen The screen below appears. Login as “admin”


The screen below will be displayed. Click “Login/ Permissions/ Accounting method” then click on “Accounting Method”


At first glance, Accounting is disabled. Click on the icon of the house/columns to access  the Accounting options.


Choose ‘Xerox Standard Accounting” from the “Accounting Method” drop down menu then click “Save”


After clicking “Save” in the previous step, the following screen will be displayed. Clicking on “Accounting Method” located in the left pane brings up the main Accounting screen .

Choose  “Edit” for “Service Tracking”.


The following screen is displayed. The customer can choose “Presets” or choose “Custom” and make selections in the “Services” section. Click “Save” when finished.


After choosing “Users & Limits (Add, Import, Export)” from the Main Accounting window, the following screen will be displayed, click the “Add New User” button.


The following screen is displayed. Enter a friendly “Display Name”(Shows on the copier screen when they log in)& “User Name (User  Id)” (This is what they type to use copies)

Here is where limits for the indicated services be set for the user. Click apply when done.


Accounting is now configured for 1 user & 1 Group Account. To add more users, click on “Device User Database”. The following screen is displayed. Click the “Add New User” button to proceed.


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Joe Arseneau

Security Code for Access

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655
Operating System: Windows 10

Good afternoon


Is there a way to set up this MFD with a security code to restrict access for photocopying? My printer is in an area with several agencies who can access it and I only want my agency to be able to use it.



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