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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Should I buy this after my lease

Maximum Duty Cycle The WorkCentre 7800 series has a maximum monthly duty cycle of:

7830 - 90,000

7835 - 110,000

7845 - 200,000

7855 - 300,000

Maximum copy/print volume supported under standard vendor supplied service for any single month. Customers should consider higher volume machines or multiple machines if average monthly volume approaches the maximum duty cycle on a continual basis.


I don't believe there is a limit to how many total can be done, because if there were, some person would certainly decide to get out of a lease by sending a piece of way out of spec media through it to cause damage and state "did not get posted max"

But the fact that you have just under what Xerox would fully condone you doing in 4 months over the last 5+ years, it still has a heck of a lot of life possibilities.

No idea on cost.

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Joe Arseneau
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Should I buy this after my lease

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Windows 10

I have a Workcenter 7835 that has 400,000 total copies on it. 75K of those are color. My lease is up and I am considering buying it. We haven't had any major issues with the unit. I cannot find any information about the lifespan of these units. I can only find 110,000 a month maximum duty cycle. The unit is 5 years old and does everything we need it to.

Can someone please tell me the max total copies I should expect to get over its lifetime?

How much should I pay? I've seen these used for $2500, but I don't know how many copies those machines have.


Thanks for any help!

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