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Re: Solid Ink on ColorQube 8570 & 8580 and expected operation

The information in the Solid Ink post is still valid as of March 8, 2018.

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Solid Ink on ColorQube 8570 & 8580 and expected operation

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This information is current as of March 8, 2018

Confusion about the expected ColorQube 8570 & 8580 operation


The following outlines ' what to know ' in order to keep your printer going, and it it should help to clarify some of the earlier posts that cause confusion regarding the solid ink and regional requirements, since the printers may be working as expected.


  • This 8570/8580 family of solid ink printers adopt the variety of ink that was first installed (after the 3 free starting inks for each color), and then will only accept that ink number going forward. Similar model numbers may seem the same but use different ink numbers.


  • The same printer is sold worldwide and different countries have unique material regulations, currencies, taxes and resulting ink numbers. Our Internet allows us to live in the cloud and from that view believe the printers are the same but there are actually 4 different Xerox regions, languages, regional features etc.Check our Xerox support Web and chose the site related to your country.


  • In some regions the ink can be provided with maintenance contracts and ink is billed by print use which introduces another unique type.

Because of the online internet marketplace it is easy for customers to purchase the incorrect ink for their printer and its current settings.


There are "reset Snippets" for some models but not all, and they could be used when an ink type needs to be changed, but they are unique to each serial number & require additional machine information, therefore they can't be published.

These were intended to be part of service procedures when parts were replaced that may impact machine memory, and not intended to be constantly performed, therefore they are considered a service function.


The appropriate order numbers are usually found on the device cover. Other brand equivalents to those numbers work too, although are not recommended.


The printer needs to know when ink is inserted and therefore should be filled with the machine powered on.


You can review additional information on the Xerox support and drivers site here

Attached is a matrix showing current ink numbers and the printer settings they work for.

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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