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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Stuck in non-customer mode - there must be more to it


First you need to change the battery, because at every power down you will have the same message. And of course you will need a tech to reset one NVM location, because it is a part of the diagnostic mode.



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Stuck in non-customer mode - there must be more to it

Product Name: WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hello there,

we have a WC 7530 that we bought used. It runs just fine, but after a few days of being in energy saving mode and back it goes into "non-customer" mode and remains so even after powering down and up (Wizard was already executed long time ago and does not reappear when network cable is removed before power-up).

So solution is to NVM tweak the system as documented on the web and then everything is fine again for a week or two.

When I remove the power cable for 15 minutes, no NVM loss occurs, so my guess is the battery can't be the problem. Page counters do not reset, although when we received the machine they were set to 0 (probably deliberately?)

The WEB UI only says that "22-505-17 the auto config is disabled, please wait for the device to leave non-customer mode" (<- not literally, because I see the German error message). Nonetheless printing is just fine. And I could make this go away with the aforementioned NVM tweak.

I definitely do not want a Xerox guy coming here to change all boards and charge 3000 Euros for an error that actually has no real consequence.

Is there really no way to make the machine leave non-customer mode?

Is there no location where to read out why the machine went to non-customer mode in the first place? To figure out what the actual problem is here?

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