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Tools, Factory reset and delete data BSI/DoD

Hi Community,

I'm looking for a solution to delete all data in a Xerox Systeme with an internal disk and RAM in according to BSI Grundschutz regulations. Which tools can be used to delete the data with a delete report, is it enough to use the internal tools, must I de-install the disc and delete the data external, etc.? I'm open for every idea to do this job. I have to do this in a few weeks so I'm looking for some good solutions.


If any question please feel free to contact me here.


Oliver Kern

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Re: Tools, Factory reset and delete data BSI/DoD

Factory resets are not available on all devices to the user, some require a technician and some are just something that can be done via the admin on the device itself. No matter the machine, taking out the hard drive and shredding it or drilling holes in it is the sure method. As for what tools and getting reports, you would need to ask for references from them (BSI) not Xerox. has info on most devices, this specifically may help you

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Joe Arseneau
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