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Unable to clnnect to printer

Product Name: Workcenter 3335
Operating System: Windows 10

I have installed the drivers as per instructions but...

1) When I try to connect with a USB port we get a reply from windows that the device is not supported.

2) When I try to connect via TCP/IP it uses a crash ip number It is not collecting an IP number from my DHCP Server. I wand to give it the device name PRN-Shop with IP but this it will not let me do because...

3) I can not log in as admin. All my other xerox machines allow me to log in as admin with password 1111. This machine tells me that my password is incorrect. I have tried using the Serial number, but that did not work either.

Your help would be most appreciated,

Thanks Elias

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Re: Unable to clnnect to printer

Hello Elias Thienpont, 

I searched our online knowledge base and found a few things for you to try.  If you are still having issues after trying these steps I would suggest calling into the support department at 1-800-821-2797.

How to enable the USB Port.

How to Install and Setup the Printer using a USB connection

How to Install an Setup the Printer using a Ethernet connection.

How to Change the System Admin password. If this doesn't work you can reset the printer back to the factory defaults, but that will clear all setting from the printer. 

How to reset the Admin Password back to factory defaults. 

NOTE: Before performing a Memory Clear , inform the customer that they will need to re-establish their Wireless or Ethernet connection.

  1. Press and hold Log in then press #.
  2. Enter 1934 and press Start.
  3. Select Copier Diagnostics.
  4. Select Memory Clear.


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