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Update firmware 0.73 to 0.75

Product Name: WorkCentre 7220i/7225i
Operating System: Windows 11


We tried to upgrade the firmware of our Xerox 7225i printer via the web interface by downloading the file from Xerox support. We took the steps indicated in the Xerox documentation but it didn't work...

We now have the attached message:

"Wait... powering up the system. Do not press the power switch again during the power-up procedure."

We also have the blinking "?

On the left-hand side, where the USB and RJ45 ports are, we also have a code "5", but I can't work out what it means?

We've tried putting the USB key on the front panel (level with the screen) but also on the back, without success...

Does anyone have a solution, please?

Thanks in advance for your help! Hopefully someone will have a solution that works! Xerox Printer.jpeg

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