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WNA-100 makes no sense to me

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Hi Xerox!


I hope someone can shed some light on the mysterious device named WNA-100.


My desired setup is as follows:

Router with DHCP server <-> WNA-100 acting as a transparent bridge <-> ColorQube 8570 getting IP address from the router


Right now wireless works but with DHCP enabled neither WNA-100 nor the printer ever get assigned IP addresses from the main router.

When I set IP addresses manually for WNA-100 and the printer, the network operates normally. However DHCP is a total mystery. There's only one single option in WNA's settings and that is to enable DHCP on and off. And I cannot understand what exactly it's trying to accomplish.


Is it supposed to assign an address to WNA-100? Let's suppose so, and suppose WNA gets its address on the wireless network, but what about the printer then? It means WNA is acting as a router itself, or is it?


Or is it supposed to act as a bridge and transparently relay DHCP requests from the printer to the wireless network and ultimately act as a transparent bridge between the printer and the the wireless router? I'd rather have it this way, makes much more sense.


But ultimately none of those two imaginary scenarios ever work! Neither WNA nor the printer get an address. That's why I need a clarification about this WNA device. Is it a bridge? Is it a router? How on Earth does it even operate? It costs a lot of money, more than a high-end router from Netgear for example, but its configuration and manual are so limited it's baffling.

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