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Re: Wi-Fi connection unstable

Hello Handyann,

This device comes with the Ethernet set as the primary network sources. Have you tried changing it so the Wifi is the primary network? Here are the steps to set Wifi as the primary.

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Wi-Fi connection unstable

Product Name: Phaser 6510
Operating System: Not Specified

Hi,I've got a new Phaser 6510 and it's great except for issues with the connectivity.

I run the printer from either my ipad or iPhone hotspot and, when it's solidly connected, it works fine. It will stay connected as long as I want. The problem is getting a solid connection in the first place.

I can see by the hotspot link symbol on the mobile device that the printer is handshaking with it, but the connection drops after a few seconds. I've  re-entered the passcode on the printer multiple times, rebooted everything etc, etc, but still get the issue. The hotspots are solid and give no problems with anything else, although I make sure the printer is the only thing trying to connect to it. When and if it finally stays connected seems to be totally random.
Does anyone have any ideas how to sort this please?

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