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Re: WorkCenter 5XXX models - Error details

Hi hschraer,

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  I have escalated your suggestion. Interactive troubleshooting on the machine display is something that is being looked into for our machines.  For now you can look up your error codes on the Support Page for your machine.  Simply select your model and then right under the search box you will see a link for the fault code search.  For the code 03-330 here is the solutions for the WorkCentre 5135/5150 but the solutions are the same for the entire WorkCentre 5XXX family.  I hope this helps.

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WorkCenter 5XXX models - Error details

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Not sure if this is the best place for suggestions on features on the copier units or not.  I'm at a high school in So. California, and the school just started leases on about 12 Workcenter units.  In less than 3 weeks, we've seen the service tech about 3 times.  He showed us how to access the event log to see the errors that have happened. 


On one copier we found about 6 of the same error (03-330).  He indicated that he would have to research the error code to find out what it was.  I guess the systems are fairly new for him also.


My suggestion is that with the display being full touch screen, wouldn't it be just a minor addition to make it so that one could touch the line on the display indicating the error, and then have the system display the details of that error code, and possible resolves?  I've found with most staff that they appreciate being enabled to resolve many issues themselves, rather than having to "call for service".


What do you think, Xerox?

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