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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: WorkCentre 4265 Stuck on Startup

Just throwing this out here, Even if the machine is stuck in startup, Are you able to connect to the CWIS ?

Also, Disconnect all cables except for the power, reboot the device, and see if it gets past the startup. If it does, connect the Network cable, and try accessing the CWIS.

If you are able to access the CWIS, you might be able to reset the device.

Status -> General -> Network Factory Default.

You might need to enable the Software update option if you are able to acess the CWIS,

CWIS -> Properties -> Maintenance -> Upgrade Management -> Software Upgrade -> Enabled.

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: WorkCentre 4265 Stuck on Startup


Replace HDD and perform installation wizard and configuration. This machine cannot be upgraded by AltBoot and FORCED_UPGRADE and do not have .dlm termination on software name.


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WorkCentre 4265 Stuck on Startup

Product Name: WorkCentre 4265
Operating System: Windows 10 x64



I have a WorkCentre 4265 that has been stuck on the startup splash screen for months now and am barely getting around to it.


Not sure exactly what caused it, but I have done a soft reboot, hard reboot, unplugged all connections besides power to rule any of that out to no avail.


I wanted to try and do a forced altboot via USB, but the firmware files online are in .HD format instead of .DLM. Is it even possible to do a forced altboot on this device?

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