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Re: Regal 5790 error code 16-308


first number 16 indicate error in Network area.

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WorkCentre 5790 error code 16-308

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Anyone has a documentation of the error codes for a Xerox 5790 copier/printer?

Our copier displays the error code 16-308 after having warmed up. As soon as the error code is displayed, the display freezes and no more action can be performed.

I found a error code documentation for the 5750, but unfortunately this code doesn't exit for the 5750.

As the first number (16) indicates the area of the fault, it already would be very helpful to know with area is number 16. Unfortunately the 5750 doesn't have an area number 16.

I already contacted XeroX, but I couldn't get any help from them.

Anyone knows someone who has worked as service technician on this machine, who possibly could be asked for help?

Thanks for any hint


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