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Re: WorkCentre 6027 - Red, Blue and Green Lights Solid Error No Screen

Hello doc413,

Have you made sure the device is not plugged into a power strip? It needs to be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Have you tried a different wall outlet to eliminate the power source as the issue?

I found this in the Knowledge that my help if you want to give it a try:

  1. Power off the printer by pressing the power switch to the off (O) position.

    NOTE: The power switch is located on the right side of the printer.

  2. Wait at least 45 seconds, and then power on the printer.
  3. If power cycling the printer fails to resolve the issue disconnect the ethernet or USB cable and reboot printer. If the error code 116-343 or 116-324 does not appear then the cause is a corrupted print job being sent to the printer. In this case the solution is to terminate that print job at the computer or print server that is sending it.

If this doesn't help you may need to call the Support Department for more assistance.

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WorkCentre 6027 - Red, Blue and Green Lights Solid Error No Screen

Product Name: WorkCentre 6027
Operating System: Windows 10


I am having an issue with my Xerox WorkCentre 6027 printer.  I have tried having nothing plugged in and rebooting it multiple times.  When I turn it on, there are three lights that illuminate solid and nothing else happens.  It is the Red error, Green Sleep/Power Save and Blue lights all lit solid and the screen does not turn on.  Is there any way to force a reset or anything else to get this to work?  I have attached a picture.  The printer is just over 4 months old.  I tried resetting the print cartridges and opening and closing all the doors/panels.  Below is a picture of how it looks.





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