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WorkCentre 6027 blank display

I am trying to install a Xerox WorkCentre 6027.  I have connected it to a PC by USB and supplied it with power as per the installation guide.


When I power the printer on, there is eventually a single beep, but nothing is displayed on the control panel.  The home button is lit, and the status lights appear to light correctly, but none of the buttons do anything.  I'm trying to follow the installation guide which says that at this point I should "follow onscreen instructions" but there's nothing displayed.


After installing the drivers on the PC, I can successfully print, but without the display or control panel I obviously can't configure the printer further.


Applying the firmware update didn't change anything either.

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Re: WorkCentre 6027 blank display

If this is a new machine I would return it for replacement. Sounds like a defective product. The screen should display something long before anything PC side is done.


Try holding the power saver button for five seconds and then pressing and releasing the pause button to reset the display.


If you have a maintenance agreement with Xerox have a tech come on site.


If no contract and older out of warranty device, call Xerox anyway, there were some products that had a bad run of displays, I don't know the specifics and models, but it can't hurt to try.

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Joe Arseneau
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