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DJohn New Member
New Member

WorkCentre 6505DN Memory Upgrade

I been trying to get this information from Xerox Tech Support for the past week, on several occasions. I was just told that a technician cannot release the information, also I was told I can purchase the "Productivity Kit(512MB)" and check on the memory card myself. Yeah, thanks for the info Xerox!


The User Guide says I can add either 512mb or 1024mb of DDR2 memory, for a max total of 1280mb RAM. The brochure says 512mb is the max upgrade for a total of 768mb RAM. Which is correct?


Also, would anyone know the specs for the memory? I be darned if I have to spend $150 plus shipping for memory that I know only cost about $35-50 from a 3rd party.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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SirJames New Member
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Re: WorkCentre 6505DN Memory Upgrade

DJohn --


I have the same question about my Phaser 6600.  I found a website in the UK that lists the printer RAM for my printer, but I do not have the URL with me.  Memory is cheap, and I want to verify the specs for it and buy it from a third party.  I sent an email to support and SURPRISE -- they directed me to the overpriced Xerox product.  I will provide you with that URL Monday.

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Agency Analyst JordanAXAUQE-AA
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Re: WorkCentre 6505DN Memory Upgrade


If your machines are under a Service Contract I would highly suggest you reconsider adding third party memory to your device as it will most likely void your warranty.
Thank you,
Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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