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Joe Arseneau
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Re: WorkCentre 6605 fuser near end of life error message remains

In most cases the full message will be "Fuser near end of life, order but do not replace until prompted"


The caveat is there at the end because of what has happened in this case.


Essentially the sensor tells you to order a new one, then later tells you to replace it, after that message is shown you can replace it and it will run the cycle that resets the counter. But not until then. So the message in this case will keep on being displayed until the new one runs the counter down until the replace fuser message gets tripped, which could be a very long time.


The best bet is to put the old fuser back in if it was replaced purely because of the message, it is just a warning and should have no effect on printing.


If that fails, there are occasionally some ways to reset the fuser life, or at least force it to re-check it. I don't have access to this particular model, but I have access to a couple of other models. So try these following methods if there was an issue with the old Fuser and the new one needs to stay loaded.


I am in no way certain that either of these methods will work, but they can't do any harm and quite possibly may not even exist in this model.


1. Turn the printer power Off.
2. Press and hold the Up and Down Arrow buttons simultaneously and turn the printer power On.
3. Please wait… message is displayed.
4. Continue to hold the buttons until the Service Mode message is displayed on the Control Panel and release the buttons.
5. Select the appropriate option to perform diagnostics procedures.
6. Enter Printer Diag 
7. Scroll down to the Parameter Menu
8. Scroll to the Fuser Life counter and verify it’s near the end of its life. (Hopefully this will make it reset the message)




a: Power on the printer and allow it to reach Ready.
b. Press the Menu button (SFP) or System menu button (MFP).
c. Select Admin Menu > Maintenance (Mode) > Reset Fuser.
d. Click OK, then OK again at the Are you sure? prompt.

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: WorkCentre 6605 fuser near end of life error message remains

Hi Clokwork Penguin,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for fuser near end message and see if they will fix the issue.  If not then please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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WorkCentre 6605 fuser near end of life error message remains

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605

I have a customer with a Workcentre 6605 MFP. A few months ago, it began to flash a fuser near end of life message on the display. We replaced the fuser approximately six months ago. The message did not clear. I recently tried another new fuser in the printer and the message remained. I have attempted to reseat the fuser more than once. I recently upgraded the printer to the newest firmware in hopes this would patch it. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to clear this message.


We have another client with a 6180MFP with the same problem.

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