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Re: WorkCentre 6605 not picking up paper from Tray 1


I don't know if you ever fixed this problem, but I just had a similar issue with my paper tray. I did'nt have any fuser/paper jam, but just ran out of paper in the tray. I was unable to pull the tray out to add new paper. Just like you, I had to remove the bypass-tray and push down the paper-lift of the tray, in order to be able to open the tray. After putting back the manual- and refilled paper-tray, the printer refused to pick up the paper.

After closely inspecting the mechanism, I noticed the paper-lift-button on the tray was not firmly pressed by the paper separator assembly in the back and a black piece of plastic was colliding with this assembly. After turning the printer on its side and look from the bottom I noticed the black piece was out of place. The tip which was hanging down, has to sit around the first axle of the paper separator and resting on another black plastic support.

After putting the tumbling plastic piece into place, the tray was sliding smoothly till the end and the paper-lift in the tray was able to reach it's upper position, and the printing from the tray is possible again.

Hope this helps people with the same issue.

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Re: WorkCentre 6605 not picking up paper from Tray 1

Hello Kienzle,

That sounds a little strange, I am not sure what may be causing that issue. You may have already tried this, but I found these steps for Tray 1 Out Of Paper message.

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WorkCentre 6605 not picking up paper from Tray 1

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra

Hey folks, I just wondered if anyone can help with our issue?

We recently had a fuser issue where a piece of paper ending up caught in the printer and damaging the fuser, though I beleive the fuser was on the way out anyway.

The fuser was easily replaced, but now we find that the printer will not pick up from Tray 1. We get a error saying that Tray 1 is empty, but before this the printer emits a number of clicks as though something is jamed. The bypass tray works fine btw. The printer has been thoroughly checked and there are no obstructions.

At the same time we had the paper jam issue we also needed to replace the paper in Tray 1, but on trying to remove the Tray we found it also jamed. Eventually we removed the bypass tray and pushed a lower part of Tray 1 down to remove it from teh printer. I assume the issues are linked? But I don't understand why the fuser issue would have effected the paper pick-up, unless it's pure coincidence and we we unlucky enought to have had two issues at the same time?

The printer has only ever done light office work in a clean enviorment and has only done approximatly 40,000 prints in about 5 years, so not a great deal of work.

Thanks in advance.

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