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Re: WorkCentre 7220 NOT booting up

You need a Xerox tech to look at it. A pws alt boot might fix it.

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WorkCentre 7220 NOT booting up

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I have a problem with WorkCentre 7220 that does not want to boot up. When I turn the machine ON, the LCD screen says that the machine is booting up, but after about 10s it goes blank. The ? LED blinks and the machine stays in this status.


The 7-segment display shows error 6 (which indicates HDD issues, but HDD seems to be OK), LED's CR3004 and CR3005 are ON (RED), which indicates issues with U3011 (Winbond 25q80bva1g EEPROM).


I tried replacing the HDD and re-flashing the system with AltBoot process, but the software upgrade process did not start. There was no difference in the boot process when the USB for AltBoot process was inserted and the machine rebooted.


The system board looks OK, all voltages are looking good. So I think that it's a minor thing, perhaps so minor as failing U3011. Does anyone have any suggestion what else to try? Is it possible to get a new pre-programmed U3011?

A new system board is too expensive, so if I don't solve the problem, the printer will go to scrap. Which is a shame for a printer that is just over two years old ...

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