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Joe Arseneau
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Re: WorkCentre 7328 - Can't access with Windows 7

Login as the admin on the printer (admin is the username, 1111 is the password if it asks)


go to Machine status > Tools > System Settings > Connectivity and network setup > Protocol settings.


you need to get the IP address in line with your network, so it will be 192.168.1.X where the X is a number not currently in use.

Subnet will be

Gateway is probably but can be confirmed on your PC via ipconfig



Resetting the device is extreme overkill, and you would still have to do this anyway when it was done.


To find an ip not in use, in the command line in Windows type ping and hit enter.

If it gets a response you can't use it on the printer, if it does not, you should be able to use it. But I am not going to be held responsible if you take an IP that is assigned to another device that is powered off when you do this ;-)


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Joe Arseneau
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WorkCentre 7328 - Can't access with Windows 7

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I just purchased a used Xerox WorkCentre 7328 with only 200,000 copies. I've been trying to connect it into our network of two computers without success.


We already have a Xerox WorkCentre 7225 and love that machine. But plugging an RJ45 cable into the 7328 cannot get any response. I tried to install various Windows 7 (64 bit) files, but as you know there are pages of install programs on your site. I can't even verify that the device is available on my network by opening a web browser (IE) and putting in the IP address as http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. The IP address from the machine current is:, but the IP address of my WorkCentre 7225 is I did not change the 7328 machines IP address.


My question is:

1) Is there a way to set the 7328 to factory default settings? I think the prior owner of this machine had some sort of weird network and I think just resetting the machine would be a better place to start with.


2) Which specific install file(s) should I use for a Windows 7 (64 bit) machine?




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