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Re: WorkCentre 7530 problems booting, power relays clicking

... I just did a altboot forced update to a newer firmware and the clicking went away so far - firmware update went right through, now the machine is re-encrypting something (probably the internal harddisk), takes a while.

So I am hopeful this was all a software issue, to my own surprise.
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WorkCentre 7530 problems booting, power relays clicking

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Hello there,

I have a WorkCentre 7530 with no further option. Machine used to run well, but freezed every 2 or 3 days and upon reboot, it was usual to hear relays clicking and within the first few seconds the display turning from already on to black again. As if within the first minutes/seconds the power supply was too weak and failed, thus forcing the system to start the reboot process (wild guess).

But then usually after 3-5 such events, the machine booted up just fine and ran for 2-3 days without a hitch.

Now the machine won't come up anymore. The same clicking and trying, then stuck with the green boot screen, after many minutes then clicking again, going quickly powerless and starting over.

7-Segment display says "0-5-9", then . flashing, then display off, after a few seconds reboot attempt.

Any idea what this could be? Would it make sense to look for a new internal power supply?

Machine located in Hamburg, Germany.

Thanks for any hints,


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