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mtakos New Member
New Member

WorkCentre 7655 Help

Hello, we have a WorkCentre 7655 and we are having issues setting it up to be able to print from our computers on our network as well as logging into the WorkCentre as an administrator. The WorkCentre is pingable, and we are able to get into the web configuration so we know it is on the network. The issue seems to be that Windows does not see it when searching for a printer, so we are never able to load the driver. The default password Xerox provides (admin for the user name and 1111 for the password) does not work. The machine was purchased second hand from an out of business company and they may have changed the password. Is there a way to reset the password?


Any help would be appreciated.


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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 7655 Help

there are reset tools avaible , but this can only done by a technician ... so please call for assistance

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Technical Escalation User TravisX05479-xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: WorkCentre 7655 Help

are you adding it as a local or network printer? If you use the ip address you can add a port and do it as a local add.

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