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js983e Valued Member
Valued Member

WorkCentre 7835 Drum issue

Anyone ever experience this? Looks like something was grinding against the drum. Its a workcentre 7835. I had replaced all 4 drums at the same time about 2 weeks ago, today i got complaints of a sudden loud grinding noise and cyan covering every sheet. Is this a faulty drum or something more internal? I have spare drums but didnt want to waste one if I didnt have to. Our company is kind of out of the way and service takes a day or two to get to us. Any advice is appreciated.



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fiery Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 7835 Drum issue

It looks like a bad drum. Make sure the waste auger on the new one turns before you put it in. You will see a black plastic 'gear' on the rear end of the drum. This turns an auger. If it binds up the waste ink has nowhere to go. Also make sure where the waste ink exits the drum in the front that the door opens properly. In your photo you can see where it travels out of the drum into the round mylar opening. Also make sure it is seated properly. It should click in and have slight play. If not the frame of the drum assembly by its handle may be slightly bent.

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