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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 7855 error 361.392.00

It cannot be fixed by a user, so they typically don't bother to list them on



The image data (C) cannot be received normally from the MCU.


When turning the power OFF, turn OFF the Power Switch first and then the Main Power Switch.


Enter DC122 Fail History. Check whether 361-376 (svc.spy.1001060563.htm) LPH Chip Fail C has occurred.



Best bet, be there when the tech is working on it and ask him what it means, and how it is fixed. As with most jobs, nobody likes people watching over their shoulder really, so it is best to ask after they are done and packing their stuff in my experience.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Member

WorkCentre 7855 error 361.392.00

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I put in a service request for fault 361.392.00


i was unable to find any info for this on the regular support site, just out of curiosity would anyone be able to tell me what it means? we just moved from colorqube 9300's to 7835's and 7855's last week so just trying to get fimiliar with the machines.

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