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Workcentre 3655 not booting up

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

Hello all,


I am having an issue with a Workcentre 3655. It will boot into the "Xerox" screen and then runs through its progressions but eventually turns off.  We replaced the main control board but nothing has changed. I want to flash firmware but I cannot get into the printer to even attempt to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? There are no error codes


Thank you for your time

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Re: Workcentre 3655 not booting up

When attempting to booting off a USB stick to do the software update, does the machine shut down ?

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Re: Workcentre 3655 not booting up

Thanks for the response!


I have not tried that yet because I was under the impression it would not work when trying.  This is a a remote site so I do not have easy access to this printer.


When I load the firmware on a USB, is there a process that needs to be followed? For instance I know on some OKIDATAs you need to hold 3 and Clear to flash firmware.




Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Workcentre 3655 not booting up


For flashing the firmware with USB thumb drive you must follow the procedure below:

The USB thumb drive must have max 8gb. and formated FAT32.

You must install the firmware with procedure bellow:

Download and unzip the firmware,

To prepare the USB thumb drive for an AltBoot restore, create an AltBoot folder, in the root directory. Next, using Notepad or similar utility, create a zero-length file in the AltBoot folder called FORCED_UPGRADE with no extension. Again, this file must reside in the ALTBOOT folder and be named exactly as shown. Finally, copy the latest firmware file (*.dlm) to the ALTBOOT folder.

  1. Turn the printer Off.

  2. Insert the prepared USB thumb drive in the USB Port on the printer’s rear panel.

  3. Turn the printer On. The printer reads the USB port and begins the restore process.

    1. The splash screen displays the ENERGY STAR logo while the printer reads the thumb drive.

    2. The restore process begins with Check Firmware Version being displayed.

    3. Next, the Software Upgrade screen is displayed. Depending on the system configuration (Trays, Finisher) the process can require approximately 20 minutes. The Software Upgrade screen changes to reflect the current subsystem being restored.

    4. After the firmware update process is complete, the AltBoot Complete screen is displayed instructing you to remove the USB thumb drive and to press 0 (zero)

  4. Remove the USB thumb drive from the printer’s USB Port.

  5. Wait for the printer to reboot and return to Ready To Print.