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Slocum Group New Member
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Workcentre 6605 DN Power Issue - Will not power up!

I purchased a new 6605 DN from Zerox in November of 2013.  It's not 15 months old and has barely been used.  Seriously less than 2,000 prints in 15 months.  The unit will no longer turn on.  I've looked everywhere on this forum for a solution or somone with similar issues, but have not yet had any luck.  The unit is now out of warranty and the nearest service facility is an hour away, in a town smaller than mine! I've received better performance from far cheaper devices.  This is seriously making me angry that I cannot get it fixed easily and cannot get it replaced or repaird by Xerox.  Any suggestions on repair of replacement of a part would be great. 



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
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Re: Workcentre 6605 DN Power Issue - Will not power up!



What happens when you try to turn it on?

Does it give you an error or is it just black/nothing happens?

Have you tried a different outlet/different power cord?

What have you tried?


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GV New Member
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Re: Workcentre 6605 DN Power Issue - Will not power up!



I have tried powering it up and off. I have also given it its own outlet.


The screen turns green and the powering up message comes and then the screen goes black but I can hear the fan running.


The computer also shows the machine as offline.

The machine is out of warranty and I do not want to get a xerox technician as their service visit costs more than the machine.



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