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Re: Workcentre 7335 touch screen misalignment

1. Turn off the copier.

2. Hold 0-1-3 at the same time and turn on the copier. (Don't let go of 0-1-3)

3. You will see a screen with 4 boxes and in the boxes there will be P1 through P9 in the corners.

4. Tap on each one starting with P1 in sequence to P9.

5. Next screen will be a test screen which you will be able to tap anywhere to see if it aligns correctly.

6. Turn off copier for 30sec and restart.


This should fix the misalignment. If not redo the process again until you are happy with it. This sometimes take 2 or 3 tries, but it works.

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Valued Advisor

Re: Workcentre 7335 touch screen misalignment

hello, you need to make a service call fot this, an xerox engeneer can change those alignment values

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Workcentre 7335 touch screen misalignment

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My Workcentre 7335 touch screen just started getting misaligned when you touch the screen. What can cause that? It seems to come and go too? What do I need to do to get it back to normal?

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