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Re: Xerox 3040 brand new but no power signal

Hey you!


I suggest you try another power source, another outlet and see if that helps. Have a look HERE

And when it comes to a defect product, that could happen everywhere/to everyone, testing the product is always a must even if it's a Samsung, Xerox or whatever brand.

It's unfortunate that you may have gotten a defect product, but thats one of the reasons you always get at least one year of warranty on electronics.


Always remember to save ur receipt.


Best Regards


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Xerox 3040 brand new but no power signal

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I bought a brand new xerox 3040 before 2-3 months, never used it not even tryed to turn it on. I took out of the box the printer and mount it by my pc at sleaping  room. I am not at home all the time cause I work and I study. I didn't need to test it because it was brand new and just let it that way so I might use it when I need it it was still summer and I wasent at school so I didn't had to print something. I forgot the guarantee papers that came with it in the living room above some junk papers that werewith the package and my wife throw them away. After a month and a half tryed to turn it on. Connected the power cable, also connected the usb cable to my laptop. I pushed the power button and nothings happen. I read the manual and than sow that I must rotate the color magazine. I did that but still nothing happens. Double checked everything, even used another power cable from desktop pc but nothing. I was angry and I got even angrier when I couldent find the documents that came with it -the guarantee documents. This is my first xerox printer and wow how fool I was to choose this product over samsung. I found a samsung that was cheaper thinking this one is priceier and will do better. This is my first and last xerox, this means throwing 55 euros in bin. For a student this is too much. I don't live in a capital city. I come from serbia, I am albanian that studies in Kosovo, so alot of difficulties here. all I win is 150-200 euros monthly and I bought this printer so I may not run after cpying documents and so. but When you are poor things gets even worse sometimes. Thank you xerox for delivering me a failed product...

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