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Xerox 3215 red indicator light drum replacement

Had a "Drum is Low" message and blinking red indicator light, drum was ordered and replaced, the indicator light persists and still says drum is low. Prints fine and clear prints. Any reason why and how to reset this? I have tried powering off and on and did not fix. Please advise.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: Xerox 3215 red indicator light drum replacement

Basically, you replaced it to soon, what happens is it gets to the low alert and a fuse goes off, and the light blinks, when it goes end of life, a 2nd one goes and the light stays solid and you replace the drum/imaging unit. Because you replaced it before it told you to, it hasn't gotten the signal from the 2nd one, so it stays blinking. I don't know how to get rid of the message without disabling the feature, so I will just tell you what I do know. Assuming it worked fine and you just replaced it because of the message, go back to the old one and swap them again when it tells you to do so. Or, disable the notification.


From the Machine

When your Toner cartridge is low on Toner, the Machine Status light will blink red to let you know it is time to order a new Xerox Toner cartridge. When the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, the light will be solid red. When the drum cartridge needs to be replaced, the Machine Status light will be red. For each of these conditions, the user interface will also display an error message indicating the cartridge status.

To enable the Low Toner Alert and the Low Image Unit Alert at your machine:

  1. Press the Machine Status button on the Control Panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to System Setup. Press OK.
  3. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Maintenance. Press OK.
  4. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Toner Low Alert. Press OK.
  5. At On press OK. The machine will save the selection.
  6. Press the Back button to return to the Maintenance menu options list.
  7. Use the up/down arrows to select Image U Low Alert. Press OK.
  8. At On press OK. The machine will save the selection. The Machine Status light will now be red when the Drum Cartridge needs to be replaced.

From your PC:

Use Easy Printer Manager (EPM) to view a supplies status page:

  1. At your PC, open Easy Printer Manager from the Start menu.
  2. Select the printer.
  3. From the Basic mode page (the smaller window), you can see the Toner supply level in the Supplies tab. Select the Paper tab to see what paper is loaded in the machine. If you open EPM in the Advanced mode (large window) you will see Supplies Information just below the device picture.

    NOTE: Use the Switch icon in the EPM header to move between Basic and Advanced modes.

Use CentreWare Information Services (CWIS) to check supplies status.

  1. Enter the IP Address of the printer in your Internet browser.
  2. If prompted from the CentreWare page, enter the ID (admin) and Password (1111).
  3. Select the Status tab.
  4. Click Supplies in the left navigation to see the Toner levels in the printer.
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