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Eric5811 New Member
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Xerox 6204 with Basic Print Server


I am a helping a client get his Xerox 6204 wide format printer/scanner operating. From the manuals I've studied here I've determined this unit has the "basic" print server, because the web server in the printer does not have the "Freeflow Accxes" in any of its title bars. I additionally see Copyright notices of 2010 on the Freeflow Accxes page (in the manual), but the printer itself, when you power it on has Xerox copyright 2005, so this is a very old printer.


Based on this I am assuming this to mean the customer *should* be using the Wide Format Scan Services on the desktop to retrieve the scans, NOT the Accxes Freeflow software - because in fact it cannot communicate with the scanner. A prior Computer person installed version 15 (on a Windows 7 x64 pc) and maybe did not know this was a "basic" unit, and left it like that - broken and non functioning.


I cannot find any print firmware version information in the basic print server, (it doesn't seem to be listed in the web interface like it does in the newer Freeflow firmware), how do you determine what firmware is installed, or is there only one firmware version for the Basic Print Server?






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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Xerox 6204 with Basic Print Server

  1. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel.
  2. Select the [Machine Info.] tab on the Touch Screen.
  3. Select the [Software Version] button to view the software version.
  4. Select the [Close] button.

Driver and firmwares you need are listed here.

(Driver is the BPS one)


You are correct on the Scan one.

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Eric5811 New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox 6204 with Basic Print Server


Thanks Joe, I did remember seeing that in the key panel controls, and the Firmware rev's were so "low" 1.01, and I saw some 1.02's  and .03's that I didn't recognize these as them at face value, it appears this printer is truly vintage and has never been updated. This is on a private network behind a firewall, it is not exposed to the public Internet.


They have the Wide Format Service Program running Windows 7 x64, and what was missing was the Mailbox setup to the copier, so evidently - for whatever reason (remote sessions from previous IT people, operator error, glitch, or whatever) it got erased, I recreated it, now they can retrieve the scanned images without difficulty.


They have no need for advanced Accxess functions like job costing so we'll just be leaving Accxess and the ancienty firmware as is.

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