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nikrath New Member
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Xerox 6700 Constant reboot

Operating System: Not Applicable

Our Phaser 6700 just started restarting on it's own. It will restart, warm up, print a configuration page, a couple minutes later, it will restart and the cycle repeats. It won't allow anyone to print, when someone tried to print when I was over there, the screen went black and the printer rebooted. The LED light blinks green but it seems like it's a constant blinking. No real pattern other than blink  blink  blink. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox 6700 Constant reboot

Eliminate the obvious and move it to another power outlet. If it is plugged in via a power bar, remove it from the equation. Things like this are not simple to diagnose because there are simply too many failure points and you probably can't get to a point where you c an find out what the fault code is. So eliminating a faulty power is a simple step 1.

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VMSystems New Member
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Re: Xerox 6700 Constant reboot

We have a WC3345 doing the exact same thing.

It is definitly NOT power.

Try unplugging it from the network. 

Ours only reboots when connected to the network.  I changed the IP and it was good for a day and then started again, so it looks like a Denial of Service attack.  I can only see IPv6 activity in our router but have not looked closer. I've turned off IPv6 on the printer but it does not help.

The only alerts I see in the system are 07-500 which I believe is the bypass tray being empty.

Printer is on the latest firmware.  No other printers in the network including other brands and production Xerox machines have a problem.  Only this printer.


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rdaniels2 Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Xerox 6700 Constant reboot


I know this may sound mondane, Did you trying unplugging the machine and waiting for a good 5 minutes (Xerox Techn's usually just say 2 minutes). And then plugging the machine back in, This fixed one issue that I ran into.

If its still rebooting, I would suggest re-installing the Firmware. Just to rule out software related issue.

Another time this was happening, When trying to re-install the firmware it got stuck at the network controller. So I had to have a Xerox technician to come on site and he agreed that the controller was bad and changed it. Has been working great since.


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