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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox 7800 power issue - only green LED


It is possible the SD card on the logical board to be defective. First try to reseat the SD and if did not work replace the SD card.



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Xerox 7800 power issue - only green LED

Product Name: Phaser 7800
Operating System: Not Applicable

We returned to work after the holidays to discover that our Xerox 7800 will no longer power up. All we get is the green LED next to the display screen. The screen itself is dead, and we don't hear any of the usual "warming up" sounds. We've unplugged the power, tried a new power source, reseated the logic board. Nothing helps.

I'd appreciate any advice the community can offer, especially if you've experienced the same problem and have the definitive solution.

I suspect that it's a problem with the logic board (image processor board), but I don't want to purchase a replacement until I know for certain that this will solve the issue.



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