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Re: Xerox Color 550 - Scan to email with gmail & latest CWIS version

Hello Steve26.

Thank you for using the Customer Support Forum.

Jim from our Support team has contributed this post.

The Xerox Color 550 is moving towards an end of life status so the most current hotfix software available is 55.42.73 released in October 2016.

This model runs a software similar to other printers running a software developed by Fuji-Xerox and the CWIS page reflects this. If you have printers like the Workcentre series, most of those run the ConnectKey software and the CWIS pages look completely different. This is by design.

As for Scan to Email, you need to have one of the most current software versions on the printer to get it to work (I am assuming you are setting up Scan to Email through the CWIS page). If you have a software version lower than 55.42.33 you cannot use SHA256 encryption which Gmail and Office365 now require. You can find the software version on your printer on the CWIS page at the location highlighted below:

Color560 Config.jpg

If you need the most current software, a download link can be provided to you.

DNS settings must be correct to allow you to resolve SMTP.GMAIL.COM and you may need to have a value in the Domain Name field. The printer will, by default, inherit DNS settings from the Fiery if you are using DHCP. If you want to set any DNS fields manually you can do in Properties>Connectivity>Protocols>TCP/IP.

Some email systems are sensitive to date and time settings so ensure that those are correct on the console of the printer. There is no way to change them via CWIS on this model.

In addition, the configuration for Gmail requires that you use either SSL/TLS encryption (port 465) or STARTTLS encryption (port 587). See the screenshot below for an example of how to configure this:

Color560 SMTP Server.jpg
You need to use the email address as the username and put the password into the SMTP authentication settings. You need to use the “SMTP Auth” authentication method. Please note that you MUST use Internet Explorer to make these changes or they will not save properly.

Color560 LogIn Credentials.jpg

In addition you must permit "Less secure apps" to access the Gmail account in question or the printer cannot use it to send email. In order to permit the printer to send email do the following (note that two-factor authentication for the account can’t be enabled for this to work so disable it prior to doing this):

  1. Go to
  2. Login using Gmail username and password
  3. On the ‘Less secure apps’ page select the ‘Enable’ radio button
  4. Click [Done] button

If you have the correct software, data and time, network settings and email settings set up Scan to Email should work properly.

I hope this helps.

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Xerox Color 550 - Scan to email with gmail & latest CWIS version

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I recently got a used Color 550 with integrated fiery, I have a couple of other newer xerox copiers and have different options in the CWIS section, first how can I update the CWIS to the latest version. I do have an integrated (bustled) fiery.

The other main issue I am having is scan to email with gmail which I cannot get to work for the life of me I have tried everything!! 

Thanks in advance!


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