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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox ColorCube 8570 Error code

93,984 Cyan Ink Obstruction
fault.  If the failure is pronounced enough it may cause cyan ink to overflow
its ink fill funnel and collect at the head tilt gears.  This may cause the
machine to declare a 91,720 or 91,722 head tilt fault.
it can clog the printhead or disrupt the ink level sense probe.
Do not power cycle a machine with a 93,984 error.  The machine melts ink upon
power-up (due to the detected low ink level in the printhead); this can lead to
an ink overflow.

Cyan Ink Obstruction fault or a head tilt fault caused by a cyan ink overflow:
  Replace the printhead.  Replacement printheads include a stick of good cyan
  Clean any ink overflow, particularly in the head tilt gear area.  
  Remove all cyan ink sticks from the ink loader.  Be sure to remove the stick
  in contact with the cyan ink melter.  Be careful not to damage the ink melter
  while removing the partially melted stick.

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox ColorCube 8570 Error code

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Hi All,


We have a colorcube 8570 and today it keeps coming up with Printer Error 93,984.00:16459


Can anyone help?

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