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Re: Xerox Phaser 6700 Fan error

Hey you!


the code means that A failure was detected in the Fuser Fan.


Here's what it says in the manual :


Initial Actions
• Check for obstructions or accumulations of dust or debris blocking fan
• Cycle system power.
• If the problem persists, follow the procedure below.


Fan Alarm tests turn On the target Fan, then check for the Fan’s Alarm signal
returning to the MCU Board.

■ Fuser Fan, PL4.1.8
■ Harness RH Cover, PL4.3.16
■ MCU Board, PL10.2.18
■ Harness RH Motor, PL11.2.3
■ “Map 3 - Right Door” on page 10-7
■ “Map 5 - MCU Board and Laser Unit” on
page 10-9

1 Test the Fuser Fan Alarm signal
using dc330 (010-210).
The Fan Alarm state is Off.
Replace the
MCU Board
(page 8-152).
Go to Step 2.
2 Replace the Fuser Fan (page 8-71).
The error persists.
Visually inspect
and test
continuity of all


Hope this helps


Best Regards


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Xerox Phaser 6700 Fan error

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I have problem with phaser 6700 its show fan error when printing sometimes, i replace that fan with new one and same problem i have...


Fault code is 

310.398.01 Engine Fan Failure

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