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Xerox Phaser 8560 error code

What does the error code 31,001.40:21833 mean?

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Re: Xerox Phaser 8560 error code

Hello... this is what the service manual says:


31,001.40 Mechanical Initialization Jam

A software error has occurred. The following troubleshooting procedure applies to this error:

Initial Actions

• Check routing of tray sensor harnesses.

• Check that the Take Away Rollers are free of obstructions.

• If the problem persists, follow the procedure below.

Primary Causes

The troubleshooting table lists parts and wiring referenced in the troubleshooting procedure.


Table 1 31,0xx.4x Troubleshooting Reference Table

Applicable Parts Wiring and Plug/Jack References

Media Drive Assy, PL 4.0 Left Side Harness (2/2), Figure 5


Troublehooting Procedure


Table 2 X-Axis Program Faults Troubleshooting Procedure

Step Questions or Actions Yes No

1 Check the Take Away Rollers.

Do the rollers show signs of excessive

wear or damage?

Replace the affected


Go to Step 2.

2 Test the Media Drive.

Run the Service Diagnostics Paper Path

Drive test.

Does the Media Drive operate correctly?

Go to Step 4. Go to Step 3.

3 DId the Media Drive run extremely fast? Replace the Media

Drive Assembly

(REP 4.0.14).

Go to Step 4.

4 Check the rollers.

Remove the Media Drive Assembly and

check each roller for binding or drag.

Do the rollers rotate correctly?

Replace the Media

Drive Assembly

(REP 4.0.14).

Repair or replace



Hope it helps!!


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Re: Xerox Phaser 8560 error code

I have this one 08,035.42:67117

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