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Dmytry Member

Re: Xerox Versalink B7025 error 116-331

1. I try'd this program 5 minutes ago/ Result - Sd card doesn't see in this program
3.  In theory, if i can clone native sd card main information for communicate with machine, i think, i can write image on empty sd. I want to try linux terminal comand to clone sd image or linux program dc3dd 

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gabiene Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox Versalink B7025 error 116-331

Good ideea, because the machine software is based on Linux.

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Dmytry Member

Re: Xerox Versalink B7025 error 116-331

Congratulate me! I  Won this machine and repain it! 

This is steps in orded that i doing to repain machine:

1) Buy new empty sd card Kingstone with capacity 16 GB
2) Wrote sd image on this sd card and put it into machine(Thanks good people for taken me sd image for writing to my empty new sd card)
3) Put USB flash drive with new last firmware of official web site into USB port on machine
4) Turn on main power and enter Special boot mode and touch Download mode to update firmware
 After all this steps updating firmware process not begin and on display i see massege "PLEASE REBOOT 116-334 "
Next i manualy tunn off the machine and put  out USB drive with firmware from mashine and turn on power
5) Machine begin to boot and i see in display massage "Checking File system". Its masage be on display about 20-25 minutes. Next after this i see in display xerox logo20-25 minutes too and nothing happened
6) I manualy turn off main power and put my USB flash drive with new  last firmware, enter Special boot mode and start update process and it bigan!
7) I wait for update firmware process end and machine reboot automaticaly
8) After machine reboot in display i see massage"Initializing storage" about 10-15 minutes and then machine reboot again
9) After reboot machine boot normaly and in the end i see new error on display. It view such as error 116-331. It was error 124-315.
10) I defeat this problem by enterning to Diagnostic mode, find there "Divece ID and Billing Data", take from it serial number (6 digit code) and write it on IOT, SYS1 and SYS2 tabs. After all this i log out from Diagnostic mode and machine reboot automaticaly.
11) Now in booting machine process i see in display xerox logo and massage "Initializing storage" about 10 minutes again. After this i see  first start Wizard. Its WIN!

After fist start Wizard configuration i had one mode problem - i can not log in as administrator for configurate network and others. Default admin password(1111) not worked.
I finded System administrator guide information, that from last firmware (it viev like XX.5X.XX) default admin password is the mashine serial number(10 digits)!
It's information help me log in as admin and change password to default old version.