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Re: Xerox Versalink C7025 Error 092-312

Hi Everyone! You can congratulate me - I fixed my problem with error 092-312. As i say, i was in wright way - it needs to reset nvm values in dc131 - some counters for ATC Fail errors, because i had more than 5 times 092-312 errors summary. Next steps i done to fix my problem:
1) Enter Service mode
2) Go to dc131 NVM Read/Write
3) Next nvm values need to change to 0 (Default Value for NVM table list. Enter nvm value, touch "Change", change to 0).
- 754-195 ATC Average Fail Count [Y]
- 754-203 ATC System Warning Counter [Y]
- 754-207 ATC System Fail Continuous Count [Y] - The number of times ATC System Fail has continuously occurred
You need reset this nvm values this step by step and only then reboot machine.

After Reboot all work fine.

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Re: Xerox Versalink C7025 Error 092-312

Hello Dmytry,

This is most likely only solved by a trained Xerox Service Engineer.  You may need to contact Xerox in your local region to schedule a service visit.

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Xerox Versalink C7025 Error 092-312

Product Name: VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

Hi Everyone!
First of all, sorry for my bad English.
I want to ask about any help with problem on my color machine
Xerox  Versalink C7025. This machine went my with 092-312 error (yellow color ATC trouble). Service manual
(December 2017 edition) says - "ATC Sensor Fault RAP - Toner density in the developer unit as detected by the yellow ATC sensor abnormal. This fault occurs when the difference between the maximum and minimum values in the ATC sensor measurement set is lower than the threshold value."
Ok, I disassembled the yellow developer block and there was almost no developer left there.I ordered a new original developer, filled it up, cleaned out the remnants of the old one, assembled the developer block, installed it and tried to carry out the procedure according to the service manual
REP 90.5 Developer:
- Perform dC950 ATC Sensor Setup, then dC949 Default Developer ATC Setup.
- Perform dC675 Registration Control Setup Cycle.
After procedure dC950 and dC949 it says - all done without error, but after reboot it same error 092-312.
A few days later the same Versalink C7025 (name it machine №2) came to me for service.
As a result, the following steps were taken during further diagnostics:
- install work developer unit from machine №2 to my trouble machine, reboot - no result, same error
- install work developer and imagine unit and toner tube from machine №2 to my trouble machine, reboot - no result, same error
- perform procedure from Diagnostic mode - dc140 (Analog component monitoring) and dc330 (Component control ) such  as
- 093-001 DISPENSE MOTOR-Y Runs the Y dispense motor (MOT93-001) at process speed. 
- 042-004 Sub Motor (175mm/s) Runs the sub motor (MOT42-004) at 175mm/s.
- 042-001 Main Motor (175mm/s) Runs the main motor (MOT42-001) at 175mm/s. 
- 042-010 YMC Link Solenoid Energizes the YMC link solenoid (SOL42-010)
- 042-200 YMC Link Sensor YMC link sensor (Q42-200)
and cool output code procedure 041-001 (All Sub integrated mode Drum, dispense, waste toner box auger and fuser exit 1 noise detection processing.) This procedure performed on my trouble machine and work machine №2 the same without any errors or trouble.
- Cleaning and visual check yellow toner hoper unit for broken gear, plastik parts and others strange
things - all is normal, but the same error 092-312.
- nvm init from special boot mode - no result, still same error 092-312.
Accidentally reading the service manual Xerox С8000 for the same error 092-312 RAP It says, that:
Enter dC131, NVM Read/Write, then enter the following codes to view the NVM values
and change value to (0) for the
applicable color:
– ATC System Fail (Y) 745-131
– ATC System Fail Continuous Count (Y) 745-147
   But this nvm commands not work on my VL C7025. The point is that in my service manual there is no any nvm tabels. My service manual for C7025 in dc131 says - find nvm tabels in another documentation :) 
I think my trouble with machine can be in this moment.

Ask for any help with nvm code or nvm tables documentation for Versalink C7025 or some any ideas how to repain my trouble machine

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