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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox WC 5855 Tray detection issue


Please provide some fault codes from Fault History. It looks like the ROS (laser) Unit is defective.



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Xerox WC 5855 Tray detection issue

Product Name: WorkCentre 5845/5855
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

We provide priniting and copying services to our customers, I am using Xerox WC 5755, 5855 & 5875 for prinitng and copying services.

I am facing an issue with Tray 1 & 2 detection. Tray won't pick up as it normally do. If try 3 to 4 times a message appears print engine failiure or laser failiure and i have restart the machine then it automatically detects tray 1 & 2.

Please help me so i can fix this issue. 

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