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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox WC 7655 mismatched serial number


Unfortunately is true. The support for synchronization for your machine terminates after 31/12/2017.

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Xerox WC 7655 mismatched serial number

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I own a Xerox WC 7655 with serial number 3815730037, which I have been using for about two years (2016-2017). After 10 months of having it stored off-grid, a message that I need to restart the machine returns a message when I try to activate it. I only have access to the copy but I can't make any copies since it keeps sending me a message to restart.
I contacted Xerox Hellas for service and the diagnosis was that it had run out of battery on the timekeeper. He replaced it and tried to reinstall the machine's operating system but couldn't because he wanted a security code (if I understood correctly) for the installation. (mismatched serial number?) Finally told me that Xerox's support for this kind of damage has expired and referred me to the sales department for a financial offer to buy a new machine.
My colleagues on the same machine have informed me that Xerox has not stopped supporting WC 7655/7665/7675 series.
In my next phone call with Xerox Hellas, I was confirmed that they had contacted the parent company by email but did not receive a positive response.
I would like to know if the support of WC 7655/7665/7675 series in the software department continues and help me with my problem because can't believe that I will not be able to operate my machine because of a serial number that is not provided to me.
Fault codes its only 22.352.00.
The UI software is 04003353050
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