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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox WC 7775 do not finish booting (device not available)

Data loss will occur, but it may boot up.


1. Shut it off completely, hold down 1 + Stop + Energy saver and power on, let go of all 3 when the progress bar appears

2. If that failed, due the same but with 6 + Stop + Energy saver

3. If they failed, 4 + Stop + Energy saver


1 will kill any jobs on it, 2 will do what 1 does and wipe the HDD, 3 will do what 2  does and format the HDD completely.


None of this will do anything if you have a hardware failure, and we can't begin troubleshooting that without a fault code to start with. See if CWIS still works, and if so, find the fault list there and report them back (Run it through Google translate or something because this forum is English only and screenshots don't get easy translations.)

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox WC 7775 do not finish booting (device not available)

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I have a WC7775 device and have a problem. If i press the power button, the machine starts to boot and make already the device tests. After a while, there is only the error altert on the screen with the message


"Device is not available.


Reset Device.


Turn off the device and wait 2 minutes. Then turn it on again. If the problem is still there, request help."

(Sorry for the bad translation, my user interface is in german).


I already tried to access the admin mode, but it does not work.  Here i pasted the error message as a photo:

Could anyone please help me with an idea, what i can do?


Is there a way to reset the software, if you don't have access to the settings menu?




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