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Easytrans-Cain New Member
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Xerox WorkCentre 3045 093-926 Reseat cartridge

At first the printer was asking us to replace with new toner, and so did we. Then we got this message:



Reseat Black



we reseat the cartridge, stll not working, then we start trying many different ways: shake the cartidge gentlely, tried several new cartidges, even brought the printer back to the detail store, but none helped.


so what exactly is this problem, and how could we fix this? Would a factory reset help? Does this machine even have a factory reset function? We are open to any suggestion.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox WorkCentre 3045 093-926 Reseat cartridge

It's either a defective cartridge (exchange it) or the wrong kind (Metered vs Sold) dependant on the printer status.


Simply put, if you buy a printer it is not coded as anything. If you buy it from Xerox and get the toner from Xerox , then the first replacement toner in the machine will lock it to that type. In the case of buying from Xerox and having a maintenance agreement, it would be locked as "Metered", and would never accept a "Sold" toner ever after.


If you buy from a 3rd party or retail, the toner would typically be "Sold" and it would only accept those.


The trouble is when you buy from a questionable source, they may be selling refurbished, or overstock items, or clearing out a defunct companies stuff, you have no way of knowing what you are buying until it doesn't work.



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rankot New Member
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Re: Xerox WorkCentre 3045 093-926 Reseat cartridge

How do I know what kind of cartridges my printer needs? Is there any test page to display that? I have bought this printer, and now my first cartridges (the ones that came with it( are almost empty, so how will I know which to buy?

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prin_ter New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox WorkCentre 3045 093-926 Reseat cartridge

I have exactly the same problem and have not found a proper solution. Firmware is up to date, printer cartridge properly inserted. What works for me is to glue a stripe of sellotape (adhesive tape) over the chip of the cartridge. Then there is still an error - (093-426 Printer cartridge close to life) but at least I can print again. 

I would highly appreciate to receive a proper solution from XEROX support - thanks in advance!

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