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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7835 drum cartdige - beyond repair?


Just replace the drum cartridges (at least that looks worst: cyan and black on your pictures) and the waste container.




Xerox WorkCentre 7835 drum cartdige - beyond repair?

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855

I got given a Xerox WorkCentre 7835 from an office clear out. It took some real knocks in transport and was even laid down at points.

I have started it up and everything works fine appart from a problem with the drum cartidges, especially R1. There are black horizontal streaks on all photocopies (pics attached below). If I take the drum cartidges out, patiularly the back and cyan, then there are strips of ink stuck to the drum cartidge roll (see attached below).

Would a new drum cartidge fix the problem or am I better trying to break and sell in parts?

Any help would be most welcomed, photos below.



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