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bobvdwoude New Member
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Xerox YWC-1 Xerox 510



i hope someone can help me. We bought a Xerox YWC-1 scanner without a Controller pc. Now we want connect the device to a PC with firewire and install some software so we can use the scanner.


I believe we need a controller pc or software. Is this software for download? or does somebody knows how to get the software for the scanner?


Thanks in advance


Best regards,


B van der Woude

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox YWC-1 Xerox 510

I think you need to buy the actual controller PC which was a Synergix 510


You may be able to use XEScan solution, but it is long since stopped being sold.

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vijaibalaji New Member
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Re: Xerox YWC-1 Xerox 510


   it requires controller otherise u cant use this scanner.


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Myles New Member
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Re: Xerox YWC-1 Xerox 510

I bought YWC-1 with XES Accxes (ZDC-1) without printer. Can I use this scanner as stand-alone without printer?


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