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nicopizza New Member
New Member

error 062-380: really funny!

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10

After two weeks holidays, I came back to my office to find Error 062-380.

Reading online, it seems a scanner error... either it needs replacement or recalibration.

Although my unit is few months past warranty, I called support to see what can be done.

Although I only told them that the machine shows this generic error, they sent me an email with a quotation "Time and Material" for technician intervention on-site. I wonder how they know already what's the problem (I rarely use the scanner and I do not move around the unit at all)!

Anyways, the funny part is that the amount to be paid is almost 450 euro!!! On amazon I could buy almost two units for that price!!!

This is just ridiculus!

I guess I will turn to Brother or some other serious company...

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gabiene Advisor

Re: error 062-380: really funny!


The scanner is faulty and need to be replaced. Normally the entire scanner. 

But, after a lot of personal research I find over the Net the CIS sensor dl620-01uhg-b which is part of the scanner and which is responsible for the fault code

Try to buy and to replace it.



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