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Re: fuser system error

 I am having issue with my 7845... Cant find a way to start new post.
Hello.   xerox 7845. Running booklet. 11 x 17 page getting stuck on side. Error Fuser system admin. 1. Have cleaned all area where paper passes.  2. Change paper. 3. Checked size of the paper. 4. Rebooted with both switch off. 5. software reboot by going to sysadmin. 6. checked  paper path and size again..    This is happning with every booklet.
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: fuser system error


310-381 Fuser Assy Illegal Fault, this mean you use fuser for 7830/7835 in your 7845. They are not the same, but you can use it by modify 744-525 NVM value to 0.



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fuser system error

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855

Hi everyone

i have a xerox wc 7845 displaying fuser system error with error code 310-381 fuser unit no heating up fuser thermotor fail

what i have done so far

- changed the fuser unit
- systems software upgrade
- system reset
- fuser life reset
- set nvm 616-014 to 2
- set 744-001 to 0
when i reset the fuser unit life its not resetting to 0 the counter for the fuser unit is showing 217,483,647 and total no of copies on the machine is 64,762

what could be the problem pliz help

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