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gromozeka New Member
New Member

getting printer status (usb-connected)

Good evening!


Our company is intending to buy (may be, it has been already bougth) a lot of

printers Xerox Phaser 3250 (may be a hundred, or above).


I am developing software for our company, which will be detect status of printer

(low paper, low toner, paper jam and etc.).


Could you contact me with the technical specialist or with the Xerox software



The short description of the problem:

We tried to get printer status using WMI, WinApi Print Spooler And Printing and

PJL\PCL commands.
-WMI and WinApi set printer status to (for example) "paper out", only when

job-document was failed to print. It is not accessible for us. We want to monitor

our printer status at any time, without creating any printing-jobs.
-Writing PJL Commands directly to USB-port were successful. We sent "@PJL INFO

STATUS" command to printer, but, if printer was out of paper, we got the code =

50000 (that means "General Hardware Failure", not "paper out").
Are there any ways to get correct printer status?

Can anybody (tech. specialist) give us an advice, how to get usb-connected printer



Hope for You help.
Thank You.

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Xerox Employee DougT-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: getting printer status (usb-connected)

Have you considered CentreWare Web, a free download at  It uses SNMP as well as ability to discover locally connected devices?

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gromozeka New Member
New Member

Re: getting printer status (usb-connected)

I tried to use CentreWare.

But, as I understood, it could not monitor local printer.

You can add local printer, but you must manually type all the printer attributes - I think, it is not "monitoring" :)


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gromozeka New Member
New Member

Re: getting printer status (usb-connected)

Does anybody know how to enable unsolicited status reading using PJL commands?


I tried write directly to printer usb-port.



But when I trying to read ustatus-state from printer (@PJL INFO USTATUS), I alwayes receive the following answer from printer:










And... The Device USTATUS is always OFF.

How to turn it ON ???

Does anybody know??

I wrote to xerox a week ago, but no answer...

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pcolscv New Member
New Member

Re: getting printer status (usb-connected)

Hello, I know these posts were a while ago. Hoping you could share how you are sending the PJL commands over USB. Thanks.

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