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Re: igen 4 meter reads

Hi Tom,
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The meter definitions can be seen from the iGen PSIP help screens Billing Meter> Help.

Also as follow:
Meter 1 is the total of meter 2 and meter 3.

  • Meter 2 counts all black impressions, both large and regular
  • Meter 3 counts all color impressions, both large and regular
  • Meter 4 counts all large and extra large impressions, black and color
  • Meter 5 counts large and extra large black impressions
  • Meter 6 counts large and extra large color impressions
  • Meter 7 is the normalized total impression count
  • Meter 8 is the normalized black impression count
  • Meter 9 is the normalized color impression count
  • Meter 10 only counts black and color extra large impressions
  • Meter 11 only counts black extra large impressions
  • Meter 12 only counts color extra large impressions
Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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igen 4 meter reads

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Can someone please tell me what sizes/colors the meter numbers represent? 

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