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project_2501 New Member
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today's equivalent of the Phaser 6280 DN



Years ago I bought the Xerox Phaser 6280 DN.


It has served me extremely well over about 10 years if not more:


  • it has worked flawlessly with all my operating systems, Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • i think this is because it has a true Postscript engine, not an emulation
  • the build quality is excellent - it has never broken in all these years.
  • i don't even remember a paper jam - it may never have had one
  • the config says i've printed 13,000 pages in all that time --  great!
  • very rarely think sometimes causes faint lines on the page as if there was some loose toner on the drum .. but it is rare and not very noticable


In comparison, most of my other printers have have plagued with hardware faults, quality issues, failure, and incosistency and incompatibility between devices.


If I was to buy another printer - what would be today's equiavelent?


The one that the Xerox site itself recommends looks very very cheaply made in comparison and does not look robust enough to last another 10 years.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: today's equivalent of the Phaser 6280 DN

There really is not much in that level. (Printer only)


Being that this is a Xerox forum, you won't exactly get an unbiased opinion either, printplanet or something similar would be better if you are trying to get competitive product information.


But if you did 13,000 pages in 10 years, the Versalink the Xerox suggests isn't the printer for you, it's in the 5000 pages per month category


The Phaser 6510 would be pretty close to the newest product that closely matches the 6280 in my mind.




You can compare Xerox models to see here


You also need to decide if mobile matters, because it surely will soon if you don't think it does now. Airprint/MOPRIA and WiFi Direct are the future, people are using PC/Mac way less than before and that is not going to change. Be careful if looking into this though. Lot's of devices include Airprint, but often omit MOPRIA without an addon. And they are the same thing, Airprint is just Apple using mDNS and IPP to print, MOPRIA is the Android version of exactly the same thing, just Open source. If you pick a device with one over the other it will cause problems, because neither is a minority, there are vast amounts of both.

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project_2501 New Member
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Re: today's equivalent of the Phaser 6280 DN



I am finally looking to buy a replacement for the 6280DN ... (moving house etc delayed replacing the printer).


Since this original question, new printers have appeared on Xerox's range such as the cheaper 6022. However I think they are not true postscript printers.


Is the 6510DNI still the best suggestion?


I worry that the very low price suggests poor build quality. My 6280 lasted almost a decade with very very rare paper jams (maybe 2 in 8 years) and worked very very well. That cost a lot more than these new cheap printers. Even the 6510 DNI is listed at under £200 which suggests it is noy built to high standards and will likely ave problems or fail in just a few months or years.


I'd love to hear your views.

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project_2501 New Member
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Re: today's equivalent of the Phaser 6280 DN

here's an example of problems with the much cheaper 6510 - the photos do make it look like a cheaper build (lower tolerance plastic design)

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