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Re: waste tray sensor in xerox 8560

Hello jbr5491800.

Thank you for using the customer forum.

I have looked up your issue in the product KB and found the following:

Empty the Waste Tray Message


NOTE: The Waste Tray must remain out of the printer for more than five seconds or the 'Waste Tray Full' message will continue to be displayed on the Display Screen.


I understand you have followed these instructions and have increased the time from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Here is the link to the System Admin Guide and the User Guide.  In the User Guide check page 5-5.

Also, I am including the link to the Phaser 8560 Product Support pages where you can locate other articles and documentation that might be helpful.


In the meantime, I have asked our support team if they might have a resolution for you as I continue to look for a solution.


If this is urgent, I would recommend that you call at 1-800-835-6100 for assistance.



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waste tray sensor in xerox 8560

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I cannot get rid of the "Empty Waste Tray" message on my 8560 printer display will not go away. I have tried everything: other than the obvious (emptying the tray), I have removed the tray for more than 30 seconds before I put it back in, turning printer off. I have gotten very large chunks of ink out of the tray. Is there a manual or guide where I can take the printer apart and get the sensor out and replace it myself without having to get a certified technician? ANY HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Boss man is on my butt to get this issue fixed...ASAP!!!



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